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Deepak Chopra and Darlene Hintzen
at a Retreat in Sedona, Arizona!

Darlene Hintzen, owner of Positive Pathways,

with Global Icon

DEEPAK CHOPRA in Sedona, Arizona at the

Seduction of the Spirit Advanced Meditation Retreat!

(More Pictures of the retreat are posted in recent photos!)  

To book an appointment with Dr. Darlene Hintzen for either a Hypnosis Treatment, a Past-Life Regression Session or a Reiki Treatment:  

please call/text:  (705) 790-4074

or email her at 

[email protected]

 Welcome to Positive Pathways

Positive Pathways, is a spiritual/metaphysical center in Barrie, which offers a safe environment for those people who are interested in spirituality and metaphysical ways to look at our world!  Positive Pathways is a place where people feel safe to explore, discuss and learn about various metaphysical topics that are being presented by a number of great speakers like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, Don Miguiel Ruiz, Greg Bradden, Bruce Lipton, Doreen Virtue,The Hicks and many other wonderful Enlightened teachers.

Darlene Hintzen, the owner and operator of Positive Pathways, is a certified full-time elementary school teacher, that has been studying metaphysics for a number of years.  She has completed her Doctoral Dissertation at the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona.  Her studies in metaphysics have led her to additional studies in other metaphysical modalities. 

Dr. Darlene Hintzen studied Hypnotherapy under the guidance of  Dr. Georgina Cannon in Toronto.  Through the completion of two very intense courses, followed by a comprehensive exam, she was able to become a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, who specializes in the realm of  Past-Life Regression.  During the past 10 years, Darlene has had the opportunity to successfully help thousands of people overcome addicting habits and/or journey to a past-life in order to better understand their current life. You can book a private appointment for hypnosis and/or a past-life regression session by e-mailing Darlene at [email protected] 

In an attempt to maintain balance between her mind, body and spirit,  Darlene began to study the powerful effects of (ashtanga) yoga. Over 10 years ago she completed a two-year yoga teacher training course at Georgian College, under the guidance and instruction of Heather Stanley. She is now a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. She has been teaching yoga classes for 10 years for the City of Barrie.  She teaches yoga for Children, Teens and Adults.  In addition, she also teaches Meditation Classes for the City as well.  Please check the Parks and Recreation Guide for future classes being offered.   

Come out and Experience a "Hint of Zen" with Dr. Darlene Hintzen!

Through the integration of various postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (pratyahara), Darlene has grown to become very passionate about yoga.  Which is why she chose to open Positive Pathways in the first place.  She wanted to make this extremely beneficial practice affordable to all!  Her dharma, which in yoga is "your purpose in life", is to be of service to others on their spiritual journey to obtain "samadhi", which is a state of being settled in pure, unbounded awareness.  Going beyond time and space, beyond past and future, beyond individuality, Samadhi is tasting the realm of eternity and infinity.  This can be done through the devotional practice of yoga.  

In April 2009, Dr. Darlene Hintzen became an Ordained Minister under the denomination of Spirituality.  Therefore, she is legally able to perform weddings in the province of Ontario.  If you are interested in obtaining more information about holding a wedding at Positive Pathways, or designing and/or personalizing your own wedding at another location of your choice, please do not hesitate to discuss your spiritual union with Rev. Darlene Hintzen.      

After becoming ordained, Darlene wanted to further her ability to help heal others both mentally and physically, so she began to study the healing modality of Reiki.  She is a certified Reiki Master. Qualified to perform and teach Reiki sessions. Not only does she teach monthly Reiki classes at the center, but she hosts a Reiki share once a month for those who are either interested in practicing their skills, or to allow new members an opportunity to experience a Reiki treatment and learn more about this amazing healing modality!

Darlene Hintzen, the owner of Positive Pathways, offers Hypnosis, Past-Life Regression and Reiki sessions by appointment only by calling   (705) 790-4074, or e-mailing her at [email protected]


 Grand Opening of Positive Pathways with former

Mayor of Barrie, Dave Aspen!






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